Deltarune: Chara and Frisk undertale

Before we begin, be warned that this report contains important spoilers for the story and ending of Deltarune.

Close The end of Deltarune, Kris and Susie finally make their way back to the surface after beating the king in the Dark World. Now in time, Kris may explore the surface world and speak to everyone before going home to Toriel.

Upon Returning home, Toriel informs Kris that she is ready butterscotch pie, but it’s still coolingso it’ll be some time before you can consume it. You can then head straight to bed to activate the ending.

In the middle Kris then brightens up a knife from thin air, rips out their spirit directly from their own body, then tosses it into the birdcage at the corner of the room. Before the match ends, Kris appears to the camera with a wicked grin and a red glint in their eye, which should immediately remind fans of Chara undertale in the Genocide playthrough.

So, What does this mean? Well, we’ve already gone through this briefly in our end game theories post, but it is highly likely that Kris might very well happen to be owned by Chara. Before that, however, as we were playing through Deltarune, Kris could have been possessed by the player, or Frisk.

As Undertale lovers know by now, the player character in The original game was called Frisk. If you began a Genocide playthrough, you would subsequently be introduced into Chara undertale, the dropped human who got corrupted and directed Asriel to his downfall. When Chara gets resurrected, they inform the player that they’re bound together forever, and if you start a Pacifist playthrough then, Frisk undertale will wind up sacrificing their soul into Chara in order to erase the preceding Genocide run.

In Deltarune, it seems likely that we’re in Some Type of Alternate and parallel universe that Chara might be looking to destroy with Frisk’s soul inside her control. After all, Kris’ heart is red also, which is exactly the same color as Frisk’s soul.

There is also the Actuality That if you save your game in Deltarune, you’re overwriting Kris’ save document and replacing it with a file along with your name. If the player is really Frisk in undertal, this usually means that we are effectively taking over the personality, and taking away control from Chara. And in the conclusion of Deltarune, Chara wrests control away from us once again as they tear the soul out.

Another interesting thing to take notice of is that the Birdcage in the corner of the room is dented even when we examine it in the beginning of Deltarune, which suggests Frisk’s soul has broken from this cage multiple times. This would indicate both Chara and Frisk have been battling each other for control within the avatar for a while now.

Frisk, which can’t be a coincidence, taking into consideration the fact that there are so many different anagrams in the game, such as Deltarune and Undertale, and Ralsei and Asriel. On the other hand, the name Kris is missing the letter’F’ which would suggest that Kris is basically Frisk, but a portion of them is missing. Their soul.
This sets things up well for the future Chapters of Deltarune, where we shall undoubtedly explore more of this conflict between the player and Chara. Still, this is simply a concept for now, and it is entirely possible that Toby Fox will upend our expectations and shock us with some other revelation.

And that is all you need to know about the ending of Deltarune For now. Got any other notions about the ending? Let us know in the Comments down below, and be sure to look for Twinfinite for much more on Deltarune and Undertale.


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