Brave Frontier 2 Is Now Available

Brave Frontier 2, the latest mobile RPG sequel to Brave Frontier developed by A-Lim is now officially launched! Currently the game is simply released for Japan and there is no statement in the event the match will have an English variant like its predecessor. As from speculation, gumi inc. who had been the publisher for Brave Frontier worldwide, was not present during Brave Frontier 2 presentation which was presented by A-Lim themselves therefore gumi may not be the international writer for A-Lim anymore.

With a couple of tweaks and new features implemented on the newest Brave Frontier two, a new travel begins 20 years following Brave Frontier. The prior heroes we loved are now replaced by two brand new protagonists, however the old characters will still create an appearance as you proceed through the game. Players are also able to do the “Xcross Brave Burst” combination with 3 or heroes which looks cool!

The gacha system was removed and now players may purchase their preferred characters with in-game monies (diamonds). The brand new feature appears to be a fantastic way to decrease and curb”gaming addiction” since a new policy was declared on gachas and loot boxes. This also suggests that the game will truly be F2P friendly which also benefits P2P who don’t necessarily have to get gems simply to roll the huge dices for the most desired heroes.With the game recently launched, they are also collaborating with Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger in the 2013 Super Sentai series that will bring players fresh occasions with more goodies and rewards!


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