Persona 5 Morgana: Who is Morgana cat

Is an anthropomorphic cat that functions as your sidekick and guide to the palaces and dungeons that you end up exploring. For better or worse, he’s by your side throughout the whole of the game. Whether he’s goading
you to head to bed early or helping you in battle, Morgana is a really helpful member of your staff who is always there to keep you on the right path. But who is Morgana, actually?
He wears a yellow bandana and walks on two feet. He can turn into a regular house-cat type at will, so as not to arouse suspicion or draw the attention of anyone in the actual world when he accompanies one to school. Morgana at Kamoshida’s Palace.
On the best way to thwart the reprehensible Kamoshida. From there, he joins you on his personal journey to regain his lost memories of who (and what) exactly he is.
Draw Morgana’s story during the game is the idea of whether or not he’s a person or a cat. He hates being referred to as a kitty, and in spite of the fact that he has a traditionally feminine name, he insists he is male. His code-name from the Phantom Thieves group is Mona, which undermines his push to be regarded as masculine and tough.
Is apparently brave and confident, but hides an extremely unsure and shaky character deep down. Though early he acts as the band’s Navigator, he ends up leaving for a short period of time after a bout of jealousy because of his replacement pushes him to”prove” he’s better than the Phantom Thieves. He will end up arriving, however. Beyond That, Morgana does end up recovering his memories, and despite what might have been hinted at in the narrative, he’s not a human at all, and never had been one earlier. He was in fact made by the Velvet Room’s Igor to assist the protagonist. In spite of this revelation, nevertheless, it doesn’t sour Morgana’s resolve. He believes that although he was not originally human, it’s not from the realm of possibility he may still find a way to become one. Now that you understand Morgana’s
Origins, perhaps his activities will make more sense when you get back to playing. He’s still an excellent helper, especially when he turns into a van.


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