Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Viera race and tank job

A lot was announced during Yoshida’s keynote, including Talks of a new job, a look at the forthcoming Viera race, and more. Here’s a round-up of the most crucial pieces.


A new extended trailer dropped
In the North American Fan Festival in Las Vegas Back in November, we must watch the first trailer for Shadowbringers, but this extended version shows off a few of our favorite characters and what they have been up to, as well as new outfits to the team.

Gunbreaker is the new tank project

Gunbreaker is the name of one of the new jobs coming to Shadowbringers And it’s a gunblade-welding tank course. The job should start at level 60 at Gridania, but Yoshida notes that this might change before release.

The newest alliance raid will be a cooperation with NieR: Automata
Alliance raids are not shy about shouting out to additional Final Fantasy matches, but the next one coming in Shadowbringers will bring NieR: Automata to the game. Very few details about the raid articles were revealed, but here is hoping it drops us trendy 2B-like armor.

The expansion releases July 2, 2019

Players will have the ability to pre-order the game on Feb. 6. Players who pre-order will probably be permitted to participate in early access on June 28. Pre-ordered copies also come with a special Baby Gremlin minion along with an earring that provides you 30 percent bonus experiences up to level 70.

The Viera race has been revealed

All of Us knew Viera was likely to be the race hinted at Fran, of Final Fantasy 12, was inserted a NPC in game. However, this is the very first look at exactly what the glamorous rabbit folk will look like, in their signature outfits. No male Viera have been shown, however.


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