NEW Astellia launches pre-orders, closed beta and no gender-locking

As the Astellia developers are preparing for the big game launch in summer, recently they gave everyone some new and interesting information to keep us holding one while we impatiently wait till we will be able to finally try this game out for ourselves. Various posts on the website give the players information about the launch of the game’s new website and preorders for Astellia. Now we know that Astellia game packages will cost players around $40 – $100 – that depends on the players wishes on how much of a head start he wants and beta accesses and of course other stuff like cosmetics and various other account buffs. Three packages are available – gold package, platinum package and legendary package with the most benefits, including a head start of 7 days.

“Now some of you may be wondering, what on earth you’re going to do to entertain yourself between now and launch and we’ve got some excellent news in that regard. Our first Closed Beta is right around the corner! You’ll be able to get your first hands-on experience with Astellia through June 25th to July 1st. Participants will get the unique opportunity to help shape the development of upcoming content, as they explore the history of Astellia through the main story quests, along with the rewarding and intuitive crafting system, or crawl through one of the sinister dungeons in search of treasures.”

And there’s more –the post about saying your goodbyes to gender locks. Astellia, because of its Western audience, will completely remove the gender lock restrictions on classes, that supposedly will let the players be truly themselves in the game and will help players to focus on the game.

“Introducing this level of change affects nearly every aspect of Astellia’s development, requiring a full design phase to implement new character models, animations, and all of the supporting equipment for each class,” Barunson E&A says. “With this in mind, our current roadmap aims to have both the Assassin and Warrior classes unlocked by launch, with the remaining three included as free content releases upon completion.”

The first hands-on experience with this game will be possible through June 25th to July 1st .


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