Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Gerudo Secret Club side quest

The Gerudo Secret Club is a shop in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But it’s no ordinary shop, it’s a secret shop where you can buy some unique armor that you can’t find anywhere else. To get in this shop you will need to complete a side quest called “Secret Club’s Secret”.

Gerudo Secret Club location

When you come into the Gerudo Town and turn left you will see a clothing shop the Gerudo Secret Club is behind it, down the alley on the right side of the shop. On the side of Fashion Passion Armor Shop you will see a wooden door. To get in this shop you will need a password. If you try to open the wooden door you will receive the side quest “Secret Club’s Secret”. If you try to guess the password and you guess it wrong you will need to come back the next day.

Secret Club’s Secret side quest

To start your way to getting the password you will need to go to a bar that is located on the right just as you walk in the Gerudo Town. When you’re inside the bar go to the back where you will see a couch and two vai sitting on it and having a conversation. Trigger a conversation with them and you will get kicked out. When they do it – jump out of the window that will be on your left and when you are out, turn right. You will se a set of stairs that lead back in the building where the bar is. Go up the stairs inside the building and go to the wall with a window and listen, you will overhear the password (spoilers – the password is GSC◆) This is similar to climbing to Akalla Tower

That’s it. You got the password, now head back to the location of Gerudo Secret Club across the street down the alley. The shop is guarded by Greta, tell her the password, start a conversation to find out some facts about her and this shop.

What you can buy in Gerudo Secret Club

Greta will explain you that in Gerudo town it is illegal to sell men’s clothing, but there is a huge demand demand for it and this shop is the only place in whole town where you can buy men’s clothing.

Greta sells two sets of armor – the Dessert Voe Set and Radiant Set. To buy the sets you will need Luminous Stones and Rupees. This shop is the only place in Hyrule region where you can buy the Radiant set. But Desert Voe can also be purchased legally in Tarrey Town at Rhondson Armor Boutique (it’s opened by Rhondson during the “From the Ground Up” side quest).

Here are the prices for Radiant and Desert Voe armor :

Radiant Mask – 800 rupees 3 Luminous Stones

Radiant Shirt – 800 rupees 3 Luminous Stones

Radiant Tights – 800 rupees 3 Luminous Stones

Dessert Voe Headband – 450 rupees

Desert Voe Spaulder – 1300 rupees

Desert Voe Trousers – 650 rupees


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