Blizzard warns: WoW Classic realm possibly will see login queue of 10,000

American video game developer and publisher Blizzard has issued a warning to WoW Classic game fans – one realm could see login queues in excess of 10, 000 players.

Last week Blizzard started opening up the new WoW Classic realm for name reservations though it does not launch until August 27. The community manager Kaivax posted that “the Herod realm is looking to be massively overpopulated” they are basing this on the activity that they have seen lately. So many players have put 20p down on the Herold realm that it is going to be just almost impossible to get into.

To start solving this problem Blizzard has opened a new Eastern time zone PvP server and is strongly trying to encourage players to consider switching realms if they are signed up to play Herod. The new server is called Stalagg.

“We recently opened up the Stalagg realm, and we urge players on Herod to consider moving there.” 

Blizzards goal here is to fill up all the realms evenly so the population is evenly spread among them. Though they have the capability to raise the population cap on their existing servers that’s not the main issue here.

What seems quite interesting is that you may think that Herods server may be so overcrowded because popular streamers might be using this server. But apparently not. Most of the big Twitch streamers playing WoW Classic are not registered on Herod. Popular twitch accounts like Lirik, Shroud, sodapoppin and Asmon are all actually playing on Faerlina server. This information was provided by a site that is specifically designed to help players avoid big WoW Classic playing Twitch streamers. The side is

Though our readers in Europe should not worry about this World of Warcraft overcrowded server problem


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