Halo Infinite loses its creative director Tim Longo

According to the statement from Microsoft, the creative director of upcoming Halo Infinite has left the company 343 Industries responsible for developing the next Halo game.

Tim Longo is an industry veteran who also has been the creative director for Halo 5: Guardians. A few weeks ago, he was moved to a different role in the development of Halo Infinite and this week Longo voluntarily has left 343 Industries entirely. Most sources say that this is part of a leadership shakeup.

The official statement that Microsoft wrote says: “Roles and responsibilities of various team members regularly evolve to meet the needs of a game, throughout development. We have recently had two changes to the Halo Infinite development team. Our Executive Producer, Mary Olson will now take charge of the Campaign team on Halo Infinite as the Lead Producer, utilizing her many years of experience at 343 to help craft a great campaign for fans.”

halo infinite

And the other change that Microsoft is talking about is Longo. Microsoft added that “creative vision and production of the game remains led by [Halo Infinite studio head] Chris Lee”

There were no specific reasons given on why Tim Longo decided to leave the company. Microsoft strongly states that: “These changes have no impact to the release date for Halo Infinite.” And also, according to Microsoft there is no bad blood between the company and the former creative director.

Halo Infinite was first announced at E3 last year. It is the sixth title is the Halo franchise. It is scheduled to be released for Xbox One and PC in fall 2020. And also, it is said to be the launch title for the next Xbox console that is right now codenamed Project Scarlett. 343 Studios boss Bonnie Ross when talking about Halo Infinite describes it as a “spiritual reboot” for Halo. Right now we only have cinematic trailers of the game and no gameplay was shown.


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