Hideo Kojima: Death Stranding is not a First-Person Shooting game

Today was the day that Hideo Kojima has finally blessed us with some actual information about Death Stranding game and not just screenshots of the game that make us even more confused about the game.

Hideo Kojima felt that it is important to make it clear once and for all that Death Stranding is not a First-Person Shooter game, though you can see the First-Person View. He explains that this is a totally new game genre and you can’t put it in these labels.

Here you can see the whole Hideo Kojima tweet

with a rather disturbing and dark photo attached to it.

Though this information that was shares with the fans should make everything a bit more clear it looks like the fans are even more confused about everything but they are loving it.

Here are the latest Hideo Kojima tweets with screenshots of Death Stranding that show Death Stranding attention to detail, Death Stranding graphics, and Equipment for Sam. Also, check out the newest Death Stranding trailers released during Gamescom, there are three of them. One shows the character Mama, one shows Deadman explaining us some info about the Bridge Baby and the third shows us Sam making a Strand.

The wait is not so long now, it is almost September and the game is set to be released on November 8, just a few months more to go. The game is released exclusively for PlayStation 4.


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Hideo Kojima the creator of Metal Gears and Death Stranding