Metal Max Xeno next series revealed in October

Yesterday Kadokawa Games, Metal Max series publisher announced that there will be a press release event that will be dedicated specially for Metal Max series.

The announcement stated that the event will be on October 1, 2019 at will be held at the Loft9 in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. And of course, the developers of Metal Max series and that will include the Metal Max creator Hiroshi Miyaoka and the producer Juntaro Kouno.

In 2021 the Kadokawa Games will celebrate their 30th anniversary of the Metal Max. The company is planning on sharing the projects that they are working on and which are planed to be released on their anniversary.

So as you probably already counted, the first Metal Max was launched in 1991 and the last series was released last year in April 19, 2018 in Japan, North America September 25, 2018 and Europe September 28, 2018 – Metal Max Xeno. In a recent present, developer of Metal Max have shared with the fans that they are preparing for the next step and in this press release event we will finally be able to hear the specifics. The event looks promising as developers say that “a lot of unannounced information” will be shared and that will include Metal Max.

The tickets for this event will be available for purchase tomorrow, August 11 ant they will cost 3,900 yen which is around $37. The tickets bought on the day of the event will cost a bit more.

Though the Metal Max series have been on different platforms including Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainmet System, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Mobile phone, Nintendo 3DS, Android and iOS, the latest series in the franchise are available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Read more about the Metal Max series latest release Metal Max Xeno.


Metal Max series: Metal Max Xeno

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