New Oninaki trailer and game screenshots!

Tokyo RPG Factory, the developers of I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear are going to release a new title called Oninaki. A few days ago the publisher of Oninaki Square Enix released a brand new trailer and some screenshots of the upcoming game that gives the players a quick look at the game.


Oninaki is an action RPG that takes its inspiration from JRPG genre and seem to be a bit similar to Tokyo RPG Factories previous titles. What sets this game apart from the previously released games is the bold colors and an art style that is different. The way that artists have presented the two different worlds – Living World and The Beyond world is just magical to watch.

Oninaki trailer and screenshots

Players can see two new daemons who get to follow the main hero while he is exploring the world of Oninaki game. And here daemons get the chance not only to be a great company for the character, they can also be pretty effective during battle jobs.

First there is a chain user – Treys. And the second one is Lucika who seems quite mysterious and she uses some kind of magic floating devices that help her to channel her power. These screenshots also reveal a lot about Oninaki gameplay and especially underlines the fighting of the shadows which can show up in the physical world. What is interesting is that if you move to the world that is beyond the veil suddenly these shadows are turning into monsters that seem to be very powerful and can make a real challenge. Though when these monsters are destroyed, they reward players with very useful rewards.

Here you can see the trailer that was released before this new trailer.

The game Oninaki will be released on August 22 and it will be available on such platforms like Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam and PlayStation 4, it will launch the same day in Japan as well as in North America.

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