Pokémon Go: Special hat Pikachu returns Aug. 5 until Aug. 12

2019 is the first year that Pokémon Go fest is happening outside of the United states. This year Pokémon Go fest happened not only in Chicago, USA but also in Dortmund, Germany and Yokohama, Japan. Japan is the place where the last Pokémon Go Fest of the year is happening and to celebrate that the special hat Pikachu is back globally for a limited time.

The locations of this last-of -the year fest include Yamashita Park, Akarenga Park and Rinko Park. Also, Yokohama is already familiar with Pokémon events because 2017 Pokémon Go Park event was held there. The special hat Pikachu will be available globally for the whole festival time which is from August 5 at 9 p.m. ET until August 12 at 4 a.m. ET.

What kind of Special hat Pikachu can you get?

The Pikachu will be back with detective caps, Santa hats, flower crowns, Ash Ketchum’s original hat, summer straw hats and party hats. Which of the hat stays will show up will change every day. So this right here is your chance to stock up on special hatted Pikachu or Raichu that you don’t already have. Though I should warn you that if you are dying to get the black baseball cap that was created by Hiroshi Fujiwara of the straw hat Pikachu that resembles Monkey D. Luffy’s hat from One Piece anime, you are not going to get it. Because these are the special hat Pikachus that you unfortunately won’t be able to get.

There might be a chance that you will be able to hatch Pichu wearing the hats from eggs and maybe not. But anyhow, Pichu are in the 7 km egg pool and there is this new Pokémon Go event that is friend themed and will temporarily reduce the length that you have to walk to hatch a 7km egg. So, this may be the best time to use this opportunity and hatch any hat Pichu that you are missing.


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