Warframe update Saint of Altra: Gauss

Warframe update, the Saint of Altra update will be here on the PC version later this week. This patch mainly focuses on Gauss.

The inspiration of the name comes from a German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. Though some say that it’s not quite accurate to call it that because it has more in common with The Flash or something like that. Gauss is nicknamed “the runner” and his shields recharge faster when he is moving more. Of course, he is known for knowing how to run very fast.


The abilities that Gauss has all tie into a battery mechanic. Most efficient way to charge this battery is with Mach Rush. The ability Mach Ruch when active turns Gauss into a slipstream of destruction that beats down all the enemies. And Mach Ruch will create a huge shockwave if Warframe crashes into solid objects.

Warframe update: Gauss abilities

There is a skill called Kinetic Plating ability. This allows Gauss to avoid being staggered and knocked down, absorbs the damage and returns a par to it as Energy. More battery charge equals more damage absorbing.

Thermal Sunder ability allows players to absorb the energy that’s in the area around Gauss and that immobilizes enemies that are close with Cold Status. While using Thermal Sunder the player can also light enemies on fire with a Heat Status.

Redline ability is the own that supercharges speed and with increased fire rate and reload speed, allows the Warframe gunsling at Mach five. When Gauss battery reaches the redline it releases quite damaging bolts of electricity.

Warframe update other additions

However, the Gauss is not the only addition coming with this Warframe update Saint of Altra.This update will bring new Disruption Mode mission locations with it. A lot of these will house Grindeer soldiers. And also the rewards that players will get for fighting Grineer units in these missions, will be worth it.The update will bring new customization options too.

This update will first come to PC versions, but no worries it will hit the consoles soon too.

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