League of Legends: first Louis Vuitton skin

This is a first – Riot Games is releasing a Louis Vuitton League of Legends skin. The champions weapon in True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition is all fully covered with the Luis Vuitton pattern that anyone would recognize.

Nicolas Ghesquire was the creator, designer of this skin. Nicolas Ghesquire is the artistic director of woman’s collections in Louis Vuitton. In total there are two new skins coming. The second one another member of League of Legends music project True Damage – Senna will also be getting a Prestige Edition skin which will also be designed by Ghesquire, early 2020.

If you want this exclusive skin you will need to by the 2019 World Pass which costs just a little over $10 (1,650 RP). After that the players need to earn enough tokens to be able to buy this skin from the in-game shop. We can guess that the skin will cost around 2000 tokens, because Valiant Sword Riven – the skin that is in the shop right now costs 2000 tokens.

Riot Games announced its partnership with Louis Vuitton awhile ago and this is the first skin to come out after that. In near future a clothing drop will be released that will be inspired by Qiyana and Senna’s skins and the prices will probably will be…well similar to all other Louis Vuitton prices.

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