Before Ash met Pikachu – Meet BABY Pikachu

Thanks to the Pokémon anime we will finally get to know the whole Pikachu story, before he met Ash and meet baby Pikachu.

Pokémon has a new season coming up and the first episode of the season will be titled “Pikachu is Born!”. The episode will show Pokémon fans what was Ash’s Pikachu life like before the Professor Oak’s office which is the point from which we got to meet Pikachu. Because the title is “Pikachu is Born!” get ready to see some real cute baby Pikachu because of course that Pikachu was once a baby.

If you think way back to the first moment that Ash met Pikachu you may remember that their friendship got a quite rocky start. At first Pikachu refused to get into Ash’s ball. Not only that but every time Ash tried, Pikachu electrocuted Ash and even mocked Ash by laughing at him when he wasn’t able to catch a Pidgey. Pikachu and Ashes friendship started to blossom once Pikachu realized how much he means to Ash and how much Ash cares about Pikachu. This new season may hold the answer to the question why was Pikachu so unfriendly and sassy to Ash.

The season premieres on November 17 in Japan, the date for a dubbed series for other countries is still unknown.

Releted: Pokemon Go news for rural players.


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