Dead Cells update “Corrupted” makes 83 changes

Rougue-lite, metroidvania inspired Dead Cells will be getting a new game update titled “Corrupted”. News were shared by Motion Twin – Dead Cells developer. The new Dead Cells update will make 83 changes in the game and will add a ton of new content.

There is a new mini biome mirrors Prison Depths that offers the shorter challenges that features one cursed chest at the start. Scroll Fragments is also a new item that has been introduced to us. This item gives players the ability to combine it and make a whole triple scroll.

In the new Dead Cells update there is a new meta upgrade called Red Tubes. The upgrade has been designed for players tackling Dead Cells higher difficulty levels. This upgrade can’t be unlocked once the player has beaten the Hand of the King. This upgrade replaces players starting gear with four sets of five random items that are two skills, range, shield and melee. The player gets to choose with which set of items to start with.

Another interesting thing that has come with this Dead Cells update “Corrupted” is a new rune called Explorer’s Instinct. This rune shows the whole map, points of players interest, whole rebalancing of the biomes and paths.

The update brings players three new Tactics mutations:

Tactical Retreat. Dodging just in time it slows nearby enemies, prevents enemies from inflicting malaise

Caltrops. Dodge to place up to nine caltrops at once on the ground, damaging and slowing enemies

Networking. Stick the same arrow in two or more enemies to make them share the damage that they take.

Read the whole list of the updates made here.

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