Diablo IV – No Offline mode; local co-op support on consoles

A few days ago, Blizzard announced the new Diablo IV at Blizzard Entertainment event – BlizzCon. Following this announcement Blizzard shared some more information on some features of the game during a panel.

One of the main things that Diablo IV developers mentioned is that the gam won’t gave an offline mode. Though many game fans will not find this information surprising because this is not the first Diablo franchise game which requires an online connection.

Another interesting feature mentioned during the panel is that in the game parties will have four players and they will have voice chat support.

Though the game won’t support offline, on consoles it will support two-player local co-op multiplayer. So players will be able to play the game with a friend on their couch.

During the panel game developers also mentioned that after Diablo IV will be released it is possible that post-launch expansions will be released. Check out new Diablo IV trailers and the newest update on mobile game Diablo Immortal


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