Mario Kart Tour multiplayer beta coming this December

Nintendo’s mobile game Mario Kart Tour is getting a real-time multiplayer as soon as this December! Nintendo posted on their Twitter account that the game will get a beta test before the end of this year. Though the multiplayer test will be available only for the lucky Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscribers.

Though the price for the subscription is not as high as the title of it may suggest. The Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass in $4.99 per month. The Gold Pass subscription will get players the fastest speed class in the mobile karting game and some other cosmetic rewards. Another perk of this subscription is the early access to the multiplayer. This also a way for Nintendo to avoid multiplayer to get too crowded for now.

Mario Kart Tour was released by Nintendo back in September for iOS and Android devices. But the karting game lacked one very much needed feature – a proper multiplayer mode. In this game instead of racing against each other, players race against opponents which are computer-controlled.

Right now, Mario Kart Tour is still on Halloween mode with it’s Halloween-themed event. Event has racers like Luigi, King Boo, Waluigi and has a new witch costume for Rosalina and also some new tracks which include Luigi’s Mansion.

mario kart tour

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