Pokémon Masters: new story chapters arriving

Yesterday a new Pokémon Masters update arrived ad brought three new story chapters with it to the game. Once the players have completed the chapters, they will have an option to use the new Calem (a Trainer from Pokémon X and Y) and Espurr sync pair.

Another announcement when releasing the update was announced – you as a player now can have the game’s Main Character pair up with the Fyre-type Pokemon from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, pokemon called Torchic. This is a very special announcement because for the very first time Pokemon Masters is allowing the Main Character to pair up with other pokemon than Pikachu, as similar as Evolve Milcery feature.

And that is not all. An event called “The Story Continues! Special Rally!” –  a special in-game event was also announced. The event is here for a limited time it is open now until November 28. When completing this event players will get the reward of up to 2000 gems.

For players who log in to the game consecutively for 14 days, a login bonus of up to 4200 gems is also available until December 2.

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