Warframe update – Old Blood Update now live on PC

The biggest 2019 Warframe Update– Old Blood Update is now live on PC. This update is bringing the 42nd Warframe to the game – Grendel and the Kuva Linch “Nemesis” system that we have all been waiting for.

Grendel is described as “nightmarish predator to his foes but a compassionate liberator to his allies.” Grendel certainly has a nightmarish look and can’t even compare to Yoshi, Kirby or Gauss, but his true talent shows elsewhere – he can truly dish out the pain while also buffing his allies. Grendel has a unique ability to “consume and regurgitate” his opponents. He even has the ability to shape himself into a ball and just bowl over whoever stands in his way.

The Kuva Lich has a brand new type of enemy for players to introduce. This one rises up from the dead and amasses power to prepare players for their next encounter. To defeat this enemy, player will need a new bladed weapon – Parazon, though even after slaughtering one of them “another may rise to take its place”.

The overall melee system of Warframe is also massively affected by The Old Blood update. The change already started with the previous update Buried Debts. Also Ember and Vauban, two past Warframes have had huge reworks.

Here is the full description of the update on official Warframe site.


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