Aura Kingdom 2 – New mobile MMORPG Pre-registration started

Pre-register for Aura Kingdom 2 right now via the official Pre-registration page and get Eidolon”Stacy” along with 500 Gems upon server launch.

Upon entering the game, players get to customize their character’s appearance, and afterwards select the desired class to perform. All four of those classes have their pros and different battle styles. Players can now Pre-Register for Aura Kingdom 2 Begins on Apple Appstore, Google Playstore, or on the official Website of the game.

Before starting your journey, you’ll get to customize your character’s appearance, and afterward select the desired class to play. There are four Types of Classes choose visely:

  • Dragoon – Melee, the brave warrior who wields the power of the dragons.
  • Shinobi – The agile master of assassins and ninjutsu.
  • Elementalist – Magic, the one who controls different elements in the palm of their hands.
  • Nymph – The mystical child of nature.

As The narrative progresses, players will unlock several forms of attributes, like different cases and playstyles. From simple mob expeditions, to tower defence, to transforming and battling as Eidolons, to more complex plundering for products, raiding Abysses, and even real-time combat. Players get to show off their incisive tactics, builds, combos, and total personality progression through these exciting struggles.

Aside From character customization, “Aura Kingdom 2” offers a varied choice of costume and accessories to choose from, giving players the greatest opportunity to become truly unique. Most noticeably, accessories can be put in almost any specified position, adjusted in proportion, and maybe rotated at any desirable angle. Feel like putting a pair of eyeglasses on your forehead or maybe even a facial mask over your eyes for no reason? Done!

The Only limit is your imagination. Oops, same outfit as the Individual next to you? Awkward… not! “Aura Kingdom two” has got it covered with a billion Dyes to customize your outfit with. Be specific, wear your mood, or even Cosplay your favourite anime character!


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