Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions with a character story mode.

Captain Tsubasa RISE OF NEW CHAMPIONS is a soccer action game, inspired by the wildly popular anime series, to be released on PlayStation®4/ Nintendo Switch™/PC (Steam).

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions will possess a character story mode. It’s time to make your own personality, develop skills and direct the team to the championship.
The trailer comes under the name Episode: New Hero, which tells us that this preview will provide a mode that gamers can’t expect to perform with.

In this trailer, We’ll Discover many new details as

  • system of choice in dialogue
  • Voice dubbing in dialogue
  • Cut-scenes with cartoons like those in animations
  • There are modes in which players can create players in our own style. To Be Able to proceed with the story of the group that we want
  • Players can personalize various characters like hairstyle, face, voice acting, stud shoes and a Lot More
  • Characters created by players may pick from many teams, including Matsuyama’s Furana team, Hyuga’s Toho team, and Misuki’s Musashi team.
  • There is a method to summarize the skill of playing each game
  • there’s a system to develop relationships with different characters.
  • There’s a mission system to perform
  • Players will have the ability to get the character positions of different characters to utilize.

The story is going to be dealt with during the global youth competition. Players will find lots of famous characters that players understand well. It is time to utilize the abilities of those players. Along with the teamwork of the group defeating competitions And also have a key cut-scene that players will encounter Based on the match score Along with also the flow of gameplay!

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