Atelier Developer Gust Unannounced Other Games From IP in Development

A rather major change is occurring for Gust, which will be moving its head office from Nagano to the ultra-modern Minato Mirai 21 district in Yokohama, shutting the physical distance with its parent firm Koei Tecmo, that acquired the developer over eight decades back.

At the close of the interview, Hosoi-san cites that one of the unannounced games Gust has in evolution there are not just Atelier matches, but also from additional IP.

While he did not mention it explicitly, the remaining part of the interview concentrates a good deal about the importance of the development of new IP, so it is quite possible that we can expect something similar to that later on.

That having been said, cherishing the Gust-like taste of the game was also mentioned as significant.

Kikuchi-san added that from the first four decades after Gust combined the Koei Tecmo group, the production of new IP was a significant assignment for the developer. In the latter four years, he’s concentrated on both expanding and producing at precisely the same time.

Tsuchiya-san said that he is thinking about how to give entertainment that lets fans talk to each other. This also includes the importance of allowing various methods to have fun like occasions and related merchandise.

Lastbut not least, Koinuma-san clarified that starting this month, Hosoi-san will take on the use of Gust’s studio mind, while Kikuchi-san will continue to encourage him as deputy studio head. As for himself, he’s really pleased to own Gust as part of the group.

Source: Weekly Famitsu


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