How to unlock all 9 sets in the Don Corneo event in FF VII Remake

Fans of Final Fantasy VII Remake who have played the game for a while will find that in Chapter 9, we will go on an adventure in the Wall Market, in which players will be on a mission to save Tifa from the hands of the wealthy Don Corneo, who Very lustful But the real strength of the story now is a set of 3 characters, Cloud, Tifa and Aerith that will change according to the actions of the players

Each character has 3 sets (9 items in total), each receiving a different set. And if a player unlocks a total of 9 sets (only 3 sets can be unlocked each time), the player will receive the silver trophy dressed to the Nines. And today, the author will take players to see how to find the set of each character can find it.

Tifa will have 3 sets to choose from The action that affects the Tifa series is Cloud’s choice of answers in Chapter 3. After Cloud finishes secondary quests And returns to the apartment. Tifa will talk to Cloud about travelling. In which she asks our hero what she wants to wear Which the answer here will result in this period

The 3 options and the following sets are as follows.

– Mature (which looks like an adult), which results from this will make Tifa wear blue. Sexy short skirt

– Sporty (elegant outfit) which results from this will make Tifa wear a leopard cheongsam dress. High split skirt

– Exotic (foreign dress) which results from this will make Tifa wear a black short yukata from Japan. With red bow

For Aerith, her outfit will change based on the number of secondary quests the player has completed in Chapter 8. Her opening scene will be different in 3 ways:

– No secondary quest – Aerith is wearing a normal pink outfit (Aerith is not happy with the set)

– Complete 3 secondary quests (half of all 6 quests) – Aerith wears a more beautiful pink outfit (Aerith is quite satisfied with the set)

– Complete all secondary quests (6 quests) – Aerith wears a long red dress Which is the best set (Aerith likes the set a lot)

Cloud is another character that will dress up as a beautiful girl. In which our hero’s outfit will be based on the secondary quest completed in Chapter 9, with the following details:

– No secondary quests. – Cloud wearing a black dress.

– Complete secondary quests: Never Stops, A Dynamite Body, and Burning Thighs. – Clouds will wear blue and black dresses.

– Complete secondary quests for The Price of Thievery, Shears’ Counterattack and Burning Thighs – Cloud.


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