Knight Run: Reconquista is available for iOS and Android.

나이트런: 레콘키스타

Knight Run is finally awake from sleep. In 10 years, a new game has been born. By the latest Aka Studio Corp., a Korean gaming company. Announced the launch of a mobile game based on the cartoon called ‘Knight Run: Reconquista’ through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store Korea.

Knight Run: Reconquista is a real-time strategy action mobile game based on the famous cartoon, where you can enjoy breath-taking battles, real-time PvP and deep strategy.

Knight Run: Reconquista is a strategy game by Hanka based on Aka Studio. In this game, players will freely match the heroes in the anime to form an adventure team, even if the same character uses different strategies, it will make a huge difference. 

Knight Run: Reconquista is a strategy mobile game. In this game, players need to form their own decks and play real-time strategic battles with their opponents. In the battle, even if the two sides use the same role, the strategy will not be exactly the same, because players can freely match their roles with skills to make them match their combat style.

Every player will have the same characters, skills, and weapons, but not every deck that is organized will always be the same. Your duty is to use those characters to form an army of 3 characters and 8 skills and plan to win over the opponent.

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