Mu Archangel CBT Opens in April on Korean android store

Webzen has announced the launch of a new mobile MMORPG called ‘MU ArchAngel (뮤 아크 엔젤)’ and is accepting applications for CBT test participants in Korea, with a plan to select 5,000 Android players to participate in the test at Will be held in April this year.

For MU ArchAngel is a mobile MMORPG game that raises the ‘MU Online’ on the PC version of the mobile platform completely. Players will find a continuation of the original revamped version of the original, including UI, game design, and the main content of the game ‘Blood Castle’ and Devil Square.

In addition, additional content farming helps to shape the character’s level through the collection of items and equipment. As well as supporting the world of systems for hunting monsters suitable for the character’s level.

There is not much information and screens from the game but we know from the official website that there will be a standard Mu Online class system, Dark Knight, Wizard, and Fairy Elf, but gender can be chosen. As some players stated the game looks very similar to mu origin, some beta participants are calling it mu origin 3.

Official website:


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