Windbound Survival Game an adventure on the abandoned island

Prepare to solve puzzles and build a ship to return home to the console / PC this August.

5 Lives Studios and Deep Silver announce the launch of Windbound, a survival game on a mysterious island. With plans to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC (Steam) on August 28.

Game-related information (based on Steam )

Forbidden Island is calling for players It’s time for players to venture out on an unknown island to solve various mysteries. The player will play the role of Kara, who wakes up and finds that she is alone on an unknown island. There is no boat, no food, no equipment. She will have to use her skills to survive. You will have to accumulate resources. And reveal the secrets on this island Finally, she discovered that there is something beyond the path to her home.

The main elements of the game

Uncover hidden secrets – Travel to find the hidden secrets on this forbidden tree. Each secret will be the key to a great mystery that is waiting to be discovered.

Exploring to the End of the Sky – Players will travel to other nearby islands, each with different creatures, landscapes and different challenges.

Collecting Resources – It ‘s time for players to accumulate resources to survive. Whether it is crafted items for use in hunting. Or live Or upgrade players’ ships to be more efficient And players will have to migrate indefinitely when resources on that island begin to run out.

Build the best boat A boat is a key to players in this journey. Players will have to build a ship strong enough to fight the harsh waves of the sea, the violent wind and the terrifying creatures in the sea. In order to safely travel to other islands

Windbound Release date: The game is set to open for service on August 28. If anyone is interested, you can click to add this game to your wish list on steam


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