Azur Lane is getting more New Frensch Shipgirls, roadmap for the West, trailer and more

Today we are lucky again because Yostar has shared even more content for Azur Lane huge upcoming event Skybound Oratorio. This content is for Chinese and Japanese servers only though we got something for English servers too – a roadmap post for the English servers.

As usual, this major event will arrive at English servers a few weeks after China and Japan. While players wait they will get a return of Iris of Light and Dark. This tweet also describes a few new features.

And here is the trailer for the event:

Also, more Azur Lane shipgirls have been revealed, that includes light cruiser La Galissonniere, SSR heavy cruiser Algerie and a few skins for some of the shipgirls.

Also, a huge celebration of the third anniversary of the game is coming and that, of course, means a lot of content and updates. These include a new minigame and event area, an increase to the dock limit, the gallery and jukebox mode, new Azur Lane skins anniversary skin for Cavalla, wedding skins for San Diego and Minneapolis, a new open-world system with new siren bosses for different regions, a retrofit for Helena and a new system to upgrade equipment. 

Here is a little Azur Lane description for those who don’t know what exactly Azur Lane is. Azur Lane is a free-to-play mobile game that is a horizontal scrolling shooter/RPG hybrid. The game is available for download for both iOS and Android devices.


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