Fairy Tail JRPG release Delay for North America and Europe confirmed

Yesterday we got information about the Fairy Tail JRPG release delay for Japan and as we suspected Fairy Tail JRPG release is delayed to June for North America and Europe too.

Videogame developer Koei Tecmo confirmed the delay on their official Twitter account. The new release dates for the game are July 30 for Europe and July 31 for North America. The tweet also confirmed that the reason for repeated delays is the Covid-19 pandemic. Here you can read the tweet:

For those who don’t know Fairy Tail is a Magic x Guilds x RPG that is based on the fantasy adventure comic about Natsu, a Dragon Slayer of the rowdy Fairy Tail magician guild that is battling against unusual and memorable enemies.


Fairy Tail JRPG release delayed again for Switch, PS4 and PC

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