Next Azur Lane Updates: French Shipgirls

Every week Yostar shares the content of the upcoming update for its popular mobile game Azur Lane and this week is no exception. Here are the Next Azur Lane Update.

This week the update is all about France and two splinter actions the Vichiya Dominion and Iris Libre. The English servers will finally be receiving Le Malin and L’Opiniatre. On Chinese and Japanese servers they were released last year.

The Chinese and Japanese servers are also getting a major event that focuses on the same factions. Right now, the elite destroyer Vauquelin, SSR light cruises Jeanne D’Arc and the only French carrier Bearn were revealed.

Not only that, but players will also be getting new Azur Lane skins. Here are the tweets that show skins for Emile Bertin and Le Malin.

Though this event probably won’t reach English servers for some time, at least a few views. This event should be confirmed for English servers in the next few days.
This week players will get English-subtitled version of Le Malin and-washing video. The video uses the D model that was created for Azur Lane: Crosswave for PC and PS4.

Here is a little Azur LAne description for those who don’t know what exactly Azur Lane is. Azur Lane is a free-to-play mobile game that is a horizontal scrolling shooter/RPG hybrid. The game is available for download for both iOS and Android devices.


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