Godfall – new gameplay trailer released during PS5 event

Loot shooter Godfall got a brand new gameplay trailer released during PlayStation 5 event “Future of Gaming”.

Godfall is an upcoming action role-playing game that was first announced in December 2019, developed by Counterplay Games, published by Gearbox Publishing and will be released on PlayStation 5. This game was the first to be officially confirmed for the upcoming PlayStation 5. So it is only natural that Godfall got it’s brand new gameplay trailer during PlayStation 5 event “Future of Gaming”.

See the epic trailer of Godfall here:

Godfall will be released in December 2020 and will be available only for proud PlayStation 5 owners.

The game will feature fast-paced combat, aggressive movesets, plenty of weapons, ‘godlike’ armour and fierce enemies. Check out othe trailers of some of the weapons and ‘Silvermane’. As the release date comes closer, more information will be revealed. Game creators describe Godfall as a ‘loot-slasher’ with ‘high-impact’ combat.

You may know developer Counterplay Games because of some developers that worked on other loot shooter games such as highly popular Destiny 2.

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