Kingdom Hearts ‘Dark Road’: 4 new characters revealed

Four new characters have been revealed for Square Enix upcoming mobile game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

The four new characters were revealed in an official Twitter post. This was a challenge post for Twitter users where they had to replay to this tweet and use hashtag #KHDRNewCharacters and the four characters were revealed for every person who tweeted this hashtag.

The new character names are Urd, Bragi, Hermod and Vor. Here are the character images:

What does Kingdom Hearts Dark Road character names mean

These unique character names are inspired by Nordic language and Norse mythology. Characters were created of course by Tetsuya Nomura. We don’t know anything more than character names, but their names actually might contain clues as to the kind of characteristics they could have.

The name Urd is taken from Old Norse name Uror, who was one of the three women in Norse mythology that are called Norns. Norns were the ones who determined the fates of men. Hermod’s name is taken from the name Hermoder. He was the son of Odin a Norse god. Bragi is named after the Norse god of poetry and that name translated means “the best, foremost”. Vor in Old Norse is Var and she is a goddess of contracts between men and women and this name has four meanings: woman, truth, oath and spring.

The choice of these names is not random at all. Nomura-san chooses them to set a linguistic pattern for the character groups of every Kingdom Hearts game. If you look at other games you can see that Destiny Island has Japanese names – Sora, Kairi and Riku, Birth by Sleep has Latin names – Ventus, Terra, Aqua.

As with many other games Kingdom of Hearts Dark Road was supposed to launch this spring but the release date was pushed back because of the global pandemic situation in the world right now.

Here are similar games that will come out in 2020: Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 PC version, COGEN : Sword of Rewind.


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