Pragmata – new Capcom Space Adventure game announced

During PlayStation5 event Capcom announced their new project, a space adventure game titled Pragmata that will come out in 2022.

The game trailer starts in an empty Times Square with an astronaut and a little girl when suddenly they both are swept up into space and find themselves on the moon, looking at the earth. The trailer does not share much information about the gameplay but we can see that the main character is an astronaut and he’s sidekick – a little girl who is some kind of android and she is crucial to astronauts survival. Also, you get the feeling that Pragmata is set sometime in the future after something horrible has happened.

The game looks very promising, full of epic, unpredictable adventures. And the graphics and views of the moon, the earth, holograms and giant satellite crashes are epic.

Here is the epic announcement trailer of Pragmata:

Capcom in their official website promises that they will be sharing a lot of additional information about Pragmata during 2021. Though the game was announced in PlayStation5 event, Pragmata will be launching in 2022 not only on Palystation5 but also on PC and Xbox Series.

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