Azur Lane: New trailer celebrating PR3 Shipgirls

A new trailer was released today for Azur Lane by Yostar. The trailer celebrates the new game update.

This newest update adds five new shipgirls that players can grind as PR3, a collaboration with World of Warships that they revealed last week.

This PR3 group includes battlecruiser Odin from Iron Blood and light cruiser Mainz, battleship Champagne from IRis Libre, and Drake and heavy cruisers Cheshire from the Royal Navy.

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If you are not familiar with these ship names you should know that these are what World of Warship fans call ‘paper ships’. These ships are warships that never actually existed. Interestingly these ships are roughly based on projects and plans that have not seen completion or even any kind of construction. Actually, I must say that they are not very loved even among the World of Warship fanbase. Though the same thing can be said about the shipgirls.

Here is the new trailer:

If you are not into mobile games that Azur Lane is, there is also a PS$, Nintendo Switch and PS4 version titled Azur Lane: Crosswave.

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