D4DJ Groovy Mix: release date for Japan announced

Videogame publisher Bushiroad today during a livestream from Japan has announced the Japanese release date of Waifu Rythm Game D4DJ Groovy Mix. The game will be released on October 25 for both iOS and Android devices in Japan.

Publisher Bushiroad is best known in the west for its game titled BanG Dream!. D4DJ Groovy Mix shares some characters with this game and is a cross-media project that includes concerts and anime.

The pre-registration for this game has already started and it has been quite successful, exceeding half a million pre-registrations.

During this livestream announcement, we got to hear the theme song ” LOVE! HUG! GROOVY!!”. The song was performed by voice actresses of the 24 characters that are included in the game that are split among six idol DJ units – Peaky P-Key, Merm4id, Lyrical Lily, Happy Around!, Photon Maiden and Rondo.

Also, some new features of the game were revealed such as Multi-medley Live mechanic that is a feature that allows players to set up a medley of four songs for a live performance. You can also customize the club in which your characters will perform.

And the music video has been released for the song “A Lot of Life” by Photon Maiden. See the video here:

Another video will be released in September and it will be performed by Peaky P-Key.

The release of D4DJ Groovy Mix is definitely coming closer too, though this livestrema provided no info on a specific release date jet.

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