Fairy Tail: new screenshots reveal DLC, characters, costumes, photo mode etc.

After many Fairy Tail JRPG delays, today is finally the day of Fairy Tail release in Europe and Japan. Koei Temco and Atelier developer Gust are celebrating by releasing a lot of screenshots that show the Fairy Tail upcoming additional content.

The generous screenshots show four new DLC characters – Elfman Strauss, Levy McGarden, Lyon Vastia and Lisanna Strauss. These characters will join the game and they will have their own stories.

Screenshots also show that the DLC will bring new costumes (the Variety pack, Anime Final Season pack, the Special Swimsuit pack – each bringing 16 costumes), additional dungeons and a high difficulty request set.

We can also see a free photo mode that has the same tools as usual for you to take the best pictures and additionally there are manga-style frames.

More details will be released August 6th but we know that character rank will also be incresed by the update (from 10 to 12).
See the screenshot gallery here:

See the newest Fairy Tail trailer that was a game commercial in Japan.


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