Fairy Tail update announced: DLC Characters, free photo mode + PS4 Gameplay Revealed

Today during a livestream Koei Temco shared the news on their upcoming JRPG – Fairy Tail that is developed by Atelier studio Gust, that will be released very soon.

During this livestream Koei Temco shares a lot of PlayStation 4 gameplay in which we can see character quests and battle.

After that, the publisher revealed the most interesting part of the livestream – the reveal of the free photo mode. This mode won’t be available when the game launches. This mode will be available with the first free update of the game on August 6th. With this update the game will also add a bunch of DLC – Lyon Vastia, Lisanna Strauss, Levy McGarden, Elfman Strauss will be some of them.

an additional DLC will also include three costume packages – the Variety pack, Special Swimsuits pack and Anime Final Season pack. Every DLC will have 16 costumes and that is a total of 48 costumes. Here is the live stream:

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