Maskmaker: New VR Game from developer Innerspace

Game developer Innerspace today released a teaser trailer for their brand new VR game – Maskmaker. Innerspace game developer studio is best known for their VR games A Fisherman’s Tale and Firebird.

Here is the teaser trailer for Maskmaker:

Obviously, it is called a teaser trailer for a reason because it just teases us a little and does not show much information or details about the game. Though it provides us with a good sense of what we as players can expect from this game. The description of the game is also just a short tease:

“Play as a Maskmaker’s apprentice and learn the magic of crafting masks to immerse yourself in the intriguing enigmatic beings within the game.”

The game, of course, does not have an official release date jet, though it is scheduled to be released in 2021 which actually is not that far away. Maskamer will be available on all VR platforms.

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